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We take great pleasure in showcasing our style and philosophy on the Art of Wedding photography. From simple Candids to delicate romantic poses to gallery wrapped canvas-covered confectionary masterpieces, we work with you to create what your dreams are made of and designs that reflect your personality with splashes of soft light, colors that will inspire and the timeless inside story that will captivate even your grandchildren.

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Same Site Ceremony & Reception

If I don't have to pack my gear and travel to another location, you can save 20% off my regular pricing.  I can plan and set more 3-D Lighting effects in several areas and hide them in select corners of the reception.

What is 3-D Lighting

3-D Lighting can only be achieved by an off Camera Flash.  Not only does the flash have to be off the Camera, but its trajectory has to be exact; too low and the shadows it cast are too long and un-natural, too high and the shadows in the eye sockets are too deep. 

Here’s what happening; as the Lighting sweeps down and across the body, it not only cast highlights, but opposing shadows.  The shadows enlies the secret. 

When the brain recognizes shadow patterns, it recreates depth, shape and dimension.  Shadows wrap around the cheeks, jawline and body.  Every fiber of your attire stands out … loud, even the blades of grass around your feet.  It doesn’t end there, another “kick” of light has to come from behind and from the front so the shadows don’t turn black.  All these flashes are controlled remotely and are strategically placedbehind trees and bushes

Since my goal is to create as many Fine Art Images as possible, if you allow me to display one of them as a 30x40 at an Exhibit, I'll discount the price by 50%.  We both benefit.  I can cycle my Artwork and you get the discounted rate.

What is ART?  As defined by Michael Angelo, Rembrandt, Renoir, and many more, Fine Art is the capture of the viewers eye, trapping it and forcing it to read into the image, moving it round and round.  This is why we stare and appreciate a piece of Art over and over.

Ever wonder what makes you pause when you see something you like?  Fine Art has a rule of composition , highlights, shadows and colors, a pattern if you will, a proven system that repeatedly works.  These same principles are applied to Photography and its inner lighting, providing the shadows cast are in the right trajectory and composition is laid out per the guidelines.  If these principles are not applied, the image is referred to as “Flat”.  You might of heard of this.

Ten years ago, my competition was about five photographers, now there are over 5,000!  Not many photographers go to school for photography any more, much less Art school.  Worse, the law doesn’t require professional photographers to have any certification to prove their worth, not like Doctors, Attorneys or Nurses.  Each profession is supposed to be able to perform at a minimum standard level at the least.  From there, they’re supposed to excel in their craft, not to mention continued education and mentoring.  Applied Arts requires proper training and practice, lots of it!  It took me 3,000 Weddings and teaching it to other professionals for 13 years !!  Today’s cameras are all Auto Focus, Auto Exposure and Auto Flash, even the so-called professionals have these.  What’s to set them apart from what you can do yourself?  It doesn’t make any sense to hire a photographer to do what you can do yourself.  Look for a level of consistency, not their favorite photos.  Are there enough to fill a book?

I offer a beautiful Leather Bound custom designed Book of all your favorite pictures all retouched.  About 40 hours are spent retouching Acne Scares, wrinkles, turkey necks, double chins, heavy arms, fly-away hairs, "Tummy-tucks" and even some unwanted guest!  I'm not surprised by request anymore.  Each page is a durable, thick and lays flat, has a lacqure UV coating to prevent finger prints from adhering to it, Panoramic pages, several color choices for the Cover with your names and date embossed.  3 Sizes are available for all types of budgets as well as payment plans.  Wanna have some say in where each photo is placed in your book?  Join me and we'll have some fun designing it just the way you Dreamed it would be, after all, it'll last longer than you will.  Would you like to give your Parents a book?  Parent Books are very affordable if they're "cloned".  The manufacturer saves money and so the savings are passed to you as well.  



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